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Design a Conference Room - Meeting Room Styles and Seating Plans

Here's a helpful reference guide to the different kinds of conference room designs and the way the tables and seating can be arranged.

hollow  style layout Hollow Design
Square conference tables arranged in a square or rectangle or even octagon, leaving the center open. Seating is placed around the outside of the tables.

Best usage: Larger meetings of 12 to 30 pax, at which group interaction among attendees is important and meetings when the event does not have a designated leader or presenter.

Useful room design that provides workspace for each person and good communication and visual lines for each person.

banquet style layout Banquet Rounds Design
A group of round tables, each seating 6-10 people usually, set to facilitate serving food, usually in a hexagonal or square design.

1/2 Rounds
Seating around 1/2 of the table so all are facing towards the front allowing everyone to face a presenter.

Best usage: Banquet-style is the setup plan of choice for most meal functions. In addition, it is also useful for small business meetings and breakouts or groups involving group interaction and/or note taking.

reception style layout Reception or Cocktail
Small, round cocktail/reception tables (usually 15-30 inches or 38-76 centimeters in diameter) with chairs.

Tall tables positioned uniformly to allow for even coverage of the banquet room and standing room only. Great for cocktail parties and receptions.

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meeting space calculator
Space Calculator Tool - Useful tool that makes suggested space requirements for a given meeting room layout.

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