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Corporate Team building Activity

Movie Studio - Movie Making and Film Festival

Movie Event Production

Our movie making and film festival activity is a dynamic team building experience that promotes qualities that support real team-work: setting clear goals, focusing on effective communication, tapping into creative expression, identifying clear roles and responsibilities, taking initiative and experiencing pride in shared achievements.

This corporate team building activity is introduced in a way that gets everyone in the spirit to participate in a fun event production effort. We ensure everyone is clear on the scenario, orientate team members to the use of the technology, and teach those involved the editing process. A video camera, editing equipment, and other event production and support materials are made available to each team. We facilitate a team debrief session after the activity to identify key learning's and work applications. A panel of judges review the films and decide on awards.

Create a Lasting Impression

The production requires each team to realise the message they want to put across and then decide how best to communicate this message, i.e., length, style,Awards Ceremony script, story line, imaging, etc.. With their production in mind, team members take various defined roles and responsibilities and bring the idea to life. Frequently, unexpected events occur along the way that require each team to adapt and possibly take advantage of new opportunities - or overcome obstacles. When all movies are completed, everyone gathers for a film festival to share their finished works and receive award 'Oscars' for the most noteworthy achievements. Afterwards, the teams are provided with a DVD permanent record of their experience to enjoy and share with others.

Team Craft's Expert Facilitation

There are many learning curves to making this a successful and productive team development event. Conference Coordinator Spain provide your participants a total turnkey solution that covers all details and provides a supportive environment to promote truly creative and productive results. We observe the teams effort along the way, knowing when and when not to intervene, and provide a dynamic discussion to learn from the experience at the conclusion of the event.

Corporate Teambulding Activity

Program Characteristics: Scenario/Objective: Produce a 30 to 90 second video in the form of a commercial or message related to the company, event or meeting theme.

Time Requirement: 2-to-3 hours as a stand-alone program or part of a longer event or meeting.

Participants: Each production team has from 8 to 14 pax. Several teams can be involved in video production for presentation at the final film festival.

A Program within a Program: Planning and production typically occur in the morning while editing occurs in the afternoon. While a few team members work
with a professional videographer to edit the production into a finished movie, other team members can participate in another team building game such as 'City Sleuths' or 'Interactive Teams' that keeps everyone fully involved throughout the team building program.

Budgeting: Price varies with number of participants, customization and equipment needs, length, and location.

Location: We can organise this type of activity all over Spain including popular destinations Barcelona, Madrid and Marbella.

Of all our programs, this corporate team building activity provides a truly memorable occasion: one that can be relived and reinforced time and again after the event - given the permanent record of the video that can be made available to each participant.


Teambuilding Faq  Teambuilding Sessions FAQ

Reasonable Prices - Spain is still inexpensive and we know that our programs are more cost effective than most of Europe. We use only top suppliers (hotels, transport, etc.), whereby the best prices and quality are secured.

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