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Best Event Freebies

It can be a pretty ball breaking experience to hand out freebies to people and watch them take a few steps and chuck it in the nearest bin. The issue is probably not a lack of space in their bag, (tho we have touched upon that issue previously)but the usability of your giveaway item.

Best Trade Show Promotion Tip: Stick with Useful Freebies

The best way to maximize return on your trade show promotional items is to stick with something that people will find useful. Lanyards don’t come in that handy and a bottle of spring water with your company’s logo will end up in the recycling before the recipient leaves the trade show (and no, the logo will not be recycled and viewed again).

Best Selling & Highest Retaining Promotional Items: T-Shirts

The numbers are in. The statistics for the best selling trade show promo items back this up. Wearables make up 30%; promotional pens make up 10%; calendars make up 7%; drinkware accounts for 6%; desk items account for 6% and trade show plastic bags make up 5%.

Visual Consistency is Key

While it may seem like anything free is a no-brainer when it comes to promotional items, there’s a strategy to what you should choose to hand out at a trade show. The key is to give the recipient something they will use over and again for months or years. Your product or name ends up in their face on a consistent basis and that’s precisely how you get your return.

It’s estimated that 70% of people remember the company that gave them a specific product. Naturally, this success rate would multiply if you give away re-useable items.

Think desk items. Think t-shirts (even if you end up wearing them to bed, at least they aren’t in the trash). Think pens or items for the kitchen. These are things people will see and use on a frequent, if not daily, basis.

So while novelty may be exciting, utility is what lasts.

Big thanks to Rob at MCRentals for the latest figures:


Swine Flu Vaccinations Imminent in Spain

Vaccinations against swine flu are expected to start sometime during the Autumn here in Spain.

It is estimated it will cost the health service around 2 million Euros to guarantee vaccination for up to 30% of the population. (Hope that includes us ex-pats)

The news came after a meeting last week (mid June) and it is believed the health ministry will be purchasing vaccines centrally and will them pass on the lower price to various regional autonomous communities.

Spain has up to now confirmed cases of over 200 people infected with the virus, around half the confirmed number of infected people in the UK.

Hot Summer Forecast!

Yes, some of us that are baking in 40 degrees plus have already come to that conclusion but it is now official too.

The Spanish Met Office has issued a long range forecast that predicts a very hot summer this year with above average temperatures throughout most of the country.

The conclusion has been reached after studying the latest in land and sea temperatures and most advanced computer simulations.

Last summer saw record temperatures in several places in Spain, amongst them Murcia where it reached 40.8 degrees. I would highly suspect it is close to that there already this year!

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